When reaching out, please try to answer the following questions as it helps me understand your position and my scope of work as a freelancer. 

  • What are you wanting to achieve?

  • What have you already done?

  • Why are you reaching out to me?

  • What's the prospect of paid work and what's your budget?

  • What in-kind opportunities are there to grow my networks and skills?

Please email me at

Serayna Keya Solanki is a freelancer working across a spectrum of initiatives that encourage climate change action and environmental protection to embrace diversity in the UK and be driven by visions of front-line community justice. She is explorational with her work, always keen to learn more - strategic, insightful and artistic. She graduated from Lancaster University with a BSc Natural Sciences (Biology, Physics, Maths, Politics of Development) in 2017. Due to the lack of access to opportunities in the sector for folks like her, she temporarily freelances to create another path of action and opportunities for all to thrive and define.