PAYMENT DISCLAIMER: Women of Colour tend to be underpaid for their knowledge, efforts and services in need. I request that fees take into consideration the time for content building (dyslexic), emotional labour, well-being (fibromyaglia), self-education, preparation and transport time in respect of my self-established needs. If you have a fixed budget, I will be clear on what I can deliver for that amount. Travel expenses must be included. 

This is pause and reflective work. This is deep cohesion and nourishing difference work. This is work to radically shift the 'inner' to influence the 'outer', to look within, between and underneath, to be present with behaviours for system change and to create new pathways for system change. I introduce uncomfortable conversations and use creative ways to engage in uncomfortable truths surrounding race, gender, colonialism and oppression in realtion to sustainability, climate change and environmental degradation. I expect my diversity of approach, thinking and being to be embraced, and not validated against standards of the dominant majority that has always defined success. I expect you to trust and be committed to the process in a collaborative and supportive learning journey to action. 

Useful Definitions


Power: When a person, or group of people have access to wealth, decision making and resources because the norms and ideologies of a space, dominant group or system are in their favour, preceded by a group of people or person who shared dominant norms and ideologies e.g) White Supremacy and Euro-America centricity 

Solidarity: Communities who are disproportionately affected and most excluded should have a larger role in designing, having weighted input to the solutions and should be centred in the discussions of climate change, environmental degradation, and social disruption in a position of liberation and self-determination.

BAME: Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic. Used as a collective phrase to highlight UK minority groups who share an experience of oppression.

Colonialism: Some combination of territorial, juridical, cultural, linguistic, political, spacial, mental/epistemic, and/or economic invasion and subsequent domination of a group of people or groups of people by another group of people.

Systems of Oppression: Colonialism, White Supremacy, Capitalism and Patriarchy.

Structural Inequalities: When historical power dynamics in organisations and decisions compound over time, disfavouring groups on society to experience an inequality through the intersection of race, gender and socio-economics; that are reinforced by a system wide affirmation of organisational norms. E.g) Woman of Colour pay gap or Number of Black Professors

Allyship: A committed practice of someone or an organisation that invests in understanding oppression and actively works to dismantle it across an internalised, interpersonal, institutional and systemic level with accountability because they have power, privilege and influence. 

Fragility: The reaction or behaviours by someone, when the topic of oppression based experiences (e.g. race) circulates in conversation; that person becomes defensive; takes it personal; make a joke; get's angry or aggressive; or changes subject because they are uninformed on the topic, do not have the tools to navigate a constructive conversation or has not interrogated their biases and behaviours. This is a defence to maintain the unequal equilibrium of power and entitlement to know-it-all-ism. "I am not racist", "We are all human". 

Green-Washing: Sustainability projects that may appear green, yet do not transform the system that upholds environmental degradation, climate change and social inequality. Therefore creating multiple environmental and social injustices; burdening structurally marginalised communities further. 

Exclusion in Design: The decisions and initiatives that transform the environment and social systems are made by people who enjoy the benefits rather than the burdens, therefore perpetuating oppression, recreating injustices and reinforcing structural inequalities. 

Workshop Facilitator

Useful if you:

  • Have a Sustainability team or organisation that isn't diversely BAME  representative;

  • and/or Wanting to provide safety of participation for a BAME audience or participants;

  • and/or Wanting to launch a Sustainability project;

  • and/or Working with/in BAME community groups;

  • and/or Unable to have BAME centred conversations on colonialism, it's legacy and nuances;

  • and/or Difficulty understanding Environmental Justice, in design and practice;

  • and/or Are not talking about Climate Change with Systems of Oppression. 

*When contacting me, organisations representatives must communicate a knowledge of allyship and display an interest of long-term commitment to being an active allyship of these issues. 99.6% of Sustainability professionals are white (Policy Exchange, 2017).

Price: dependent on your organisation, group or project. If apart of an organisation with high income and international scope, you will be asked to also fund another workshop or activity to take place in a low-income UK BAME community group.


  • Helping you build Sustainability frameworks, methodologies of design, training and design Anti-Oppression spaces with Equity, Liberation and Participation that are marginalised group-centred in content and experience. 

  • Helping you design and deliver an inclusive or equitable Sustainability community project, initiative or solution by showing up with my community and lived experiences and knowledge; that has anti-oppression work always in reflection.

  • Helping you assess and evolve the working culture of your Sustainability organisation, moving from tick boxing Diversity & Inclusion to a practice Equity, Liberation & Participation for an anti-oppression workplace and to have influence in future initiatives and therefore a just transition.**

  • Helping your Sustainability organisation build an organisational practice of anti-oppression; e.g) anti-oppression relationships, bias inquiries to utilise frontline community resources, understand if your Sustainability strategy is supportive or/and harmful to frontline communities through system-relation analysis.

  • Helping you strategise your Sustainability organisation mission and vision towards Equity, Liberation and Participation and identify how to best centre and engage with environmental/ climate justice.**

Skills: Sustainability Strategy (Business and Community) / 'Diversity & Inclusion' / Systems Thinking / Design Thinking / Process Design / Community Building and Organising / Participation Methods / Lived Experiences in Underserved Communities 

** For White Majority Sustainability Teams, Groups or Organisations. When contacting me, organisations representatives must communicate and long term commitment of allyship and their current view of organisational gaps. 99.6% of Sustainability professionals are white (Policy Exchange, 2017). My preferred position is working with an organisation that invests in hiring a collective of  'D&I' consultants, displaying their commitment to the critical work that dismantles structures of oppression and supporting PoC D&I consultants to work together if wanting to address the race/culture part of D&I. 

Price: Dependent on your organisation, group or project. If apart of an organisation with high income and international scope that isn't representative in women and BAME, you will be asked to also fund another workshop or activity to take place in a low-income UK BAME community group.


As a spoken word artist, a painter and embroidery artist, I use artwork, materials and languages to speak with and tell the stories of the Gujarati-Ugandan Diaspora Community I am connected to that centres history, lived experiences and nature. This is a powerful way to display the unseen and erased, empowering diaspora communities and engaging those who refrain from listening and seeing. 

As someone with dyslexic abilities; in connection with a non-academic community and in practice of accessibility, I find ways to make information accessible through artwork, storytelling and dialogues.