What mesmerises you?

What lands do you wander?

What streets do you know?

What do you orbit?

Do you move in cycles?

Do chickpeas whisper to you too?

What rhythms help you see?

Are your bay leaves dry enough to crunch?

Can you smell the mustard seeds crackle in oil?

What sequels are there to your ancestors stories?

Did you think sweetcorn were teeth too?

Tell me about the tastes that tingle on your tongue

Tell me about the hands that hold the mango

For these two hours

We retreat into the soil and dig

pomegranate, jackfruit and cassava

Traveling, imagining, resisting and remembering

We turn the soil in our hands

and sink our toes just below the water mark

and breathe

So we can chant from silence

We are here

We are there

They are here

Upcoming Sessions


All from around the world are welcome!

Remembering our stories of Fruits and Roots

This is a space for people of colour to share our stories through memory recalling. These are the memories that root us in the Earth, with those that stood before us and those with us. These memories may hold joy and pain, and everything in between or around. Join us in holding space for each other. Poems and artwork are welcome too. All languages and practices are also welcome. 

Questions we will use to guide us towards our memories:

Do you have a story or a memory that includes a fruit?

Tell us a story an elder told you?

How are you and aren’t you connected to the Earth?

Do you have a memories of a smell or scent?

Do you have a memory of a sound or song?

Do you have a memory of colours?

How will the space flow?

This space will run in two parts, about 40-45 minutes each. With a 10 minute break in between. Each part will have three questions that might evoke a personal and sentimental memory or story for you to share.


If there are more than 10 people, we’ll be in two breakout rooms,


I’ll be sending in the questions as well as nudges on time keeping and time sharing. 


In these moments, embrace the silence. Acknowledge that silence as ourselves stood with our memories. We invite each other to sit with our memories, breath and patience for each other. You can share any artwork or poetry in this space too. Creativity is sacred.

We are here to be with and create a rhythmic dialogue. 


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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