I work with environmental/social community projects and sustainability organisations wanting to support local community resilience or/and design for regenerative system change.

Here's an idea of the things I could help your project or organisation with:

  • Facilitating you to better understand the importance and application of intersectional, internationalist and anti-oppression approaches.

  • Facilitating a collective (personal) inquiry on the intersection of race and environmentalism throughout history to today, exploring realities of colonialism and communities of colour in the UK.

  • Co-designing and embedding principles and practices to improve the quality of participation and access experiences (resources, direction and decision making power, enabling requirements for support).

  • Co-designing and embedding principles and practices to defer to climate just demands in your long-term design process.

  • Supporting you with framing frontline community-led climate justice and marginalised community realities in research, reports and blogs.

  • Supporting you to design and embed climate justice-centred or/and PoC-centred frameworks, tools and approaches in education and training.

  • Supporting you with participation, platforming/amplifying/centreing and engagement for events, activities and panels

  • Supporting your organisation to support the causes and initiatives of diverse organisations

  • Supporting your organisation to have the right structures in place when engaged with diverse participation

  • Participating in workshops or in your organisation to stregthen the presence of a critical climate justice perspective in sustainability transition design spaces.

  • Designing strategies for intl and local sustainability systems and projects for transition that are directly informed by frontline community climate justice principles + centre underserved communities in the UK.

  • Using and showcasing art and creative practices (I'm a poet and embroidery artist!)

  • (PoC communities and organisations) Being a helping hand for what you're already doing.

Skills: systems thinking / design thinking / process + project design / culture change / inclusive workshop design / workshop facilitation / strategist / lived experiences / community engagement / people and networks 


"Seeds, Sun and Birdsong" 

Bhandani print on calico using turmeric dye + hand embroidery