Many have been awake and living in climate, ecological and social crisis; the solutions we design will include an imprint of whose collective narratives we equitably embrace

We have been in a Climate, Ecological and Social crisis for hundreds of years. This crisis in a symptom of deep-rooted, complex, interwind systems of oppression. Whilst we act in urgency against scientific timelines, we are also meet an opportunity for deep transformation to live in a world were Sustainability is possible. This requires thoughtfulness and new ways of understanding our systems and each other as we have different sense making of the current crises due to the lives, histories and cultures we are apart of; working alongside the development of solutions. 

For this cyclical, non-linear and messy transformation, we require:

  • a centering of climate, social and environmental justice in sustainability solutions through listening, deffering to and platforming those who have been historically expensed, presently marginalised and disproportionally affected.

  • a respected and input from those who have been historically expensed, presently marginalised and disproportionally affected in climate, environmental and social solutions.

  • a deep heart-felt understanding and committed practice of anti-oppression; where we are accountable to understand and take responsibility to stop the perpetuation and sustaining forms of oppression (e.g. racism) in ourselves, solutions, organisations.

  • a collective practice of liberation and reconnection; for those who have been forced displaced, dispossessed and disconnected and have experienced life-long oppression.

  • a radical way of collaborating in an equitable-power bound and inclusive (or purposed exclusive) environment.

  • an addressing and healing of our colonial history and it's legacy within our structures, institutions and ourselves; that is very present in colonised communities but unspoken of in coloniser lands.