I'm looking for fully funded skill and knowledge development opportunities in the environment and climate sector!

The environmental sector is reported to be the second least diverse sector in the UK, where 0.6% come from a Black, Asian and Non-White minority ethnic background. Low-income people of colour like myself, are blocked from developing specialist skills and having access to alternative opportunities due to socio-economic circumstances. In my time leading up to being 25 years old, I have had to miss out on learning and career opportunities due to costs - courses and masters degrees - that would allow me to explore my interests and develop my skills further.

Too often, UK BAME folks are pigeon holed into remediating the sectors failings around 'diversity and participation' that broaden our understandings of sustainability and frontline-led climate justice. Depending on work for income, we can sometimes end up inside organisations that are blind to their racism in their practice and proposals - compromising our health and communities.


I'm interested in having the opportunity to explore ANY of the following: Environmental and Climate Sciences. Political Ecology. Field work and research. Biodiversity Conservation. Ecological Design. Environmental Governance and Management. Systems Thinking. 

“If Mama Nature teaches us nothing else, she teaches us that diversity is absolutely necessary for survival. Now, she doesn’t mean some surface diversity, but a system where every single being is doing their part, pulling their weight. A homogenous, ‘gentrified’ eco-system would quickly die. If we are committed to organising sustainable and liberating social movements they must be diverse, pulling especially from those who are the most impacted instead of suppressing their voices or using them as props”  — Nia Eshu Robinson

I'm Serayna! I hope we can connect through our work and support eachother.