Race, Power and Privilege: For UK Sustainability Practitioners


Pilot Rate: £250


Can we really have a Sustainability Transition and System Change that excludes those who will be disproportionately affected or are systemically oppressed, in the field and in design of solutions?

This 6 week online facilitated dialogue will introduce Sustainability Practitioners to the undersurface racism in the field as the second least diverse sector in the UK (99.6& White); in ambition for individuals to build a practice (not an image) of diversity, inclusion and equity within their teams and also support a wider field practice of representation and liberation towards a just transition. As a global transition is needed for Sustainability, it also requires a centering of those who have been historically expensed, are presently marginalised and are/will be disproportionately affected; communities who have accessible resources, initiatives and narratives but are erased from the field. This course is specifically for UK Sustainability Practitioners, to localise the context of which we understand and experience the interconnections of racism, colonialism and oppression in relation to Climate Change and Ecological Destruction. Just as we are acknowledging our fragmented relationship with nature; we must also see how we may externally project our internal socialisations into solutions for all of life.  

This will be an anti-racist, anti-patriarchy, decolonial introduction course for those wanting to start thjourney to embody a globally inclusive, representative and intersectional Sustainability practice in a local UK context towards a just transisiton.

What to expect on this course? 

- 6 weeks of two hour sessions of building honest and transparent dialogue between Sustainability practitioners. 

- 2 x 30 minutes of confidential conversation with me.

- 6 mini activities for you to complete in your own time.

- An assistance to question our 'inner' socialisation within our world and Sustainability, to therefore shift the field. 

- Sliding into a feeling of discomfort and learning how to work with it (discomfort typically arises when negative experiences and historical accounts of race is vocalised by brown or black people).

- Co-creation of tools to think critically of barriers to have an inclusive and representative 'Just' Sustainability Transition.

- Fun and creative; gentle and radical; comfortably uncomfortable ways of unlearning and relearning!

What will be covered?

- Reframing the Climate Change Origin Story; understanding the relations between colonialism, racism and climate change.

- Racism 101; Understanding Internal, Personal, Institutional and Systemic Racism and Intersectionality (with Patriachy and Capitalism).

- Power and Privilege; understanding the legacy of colonialism and privileges. Using the work of Robin D'Angelo, White Fragility.

- Looking at systems of oppression and how they work in the context of climate change and solutions.

- Do's and Don'ts; talking through common experiences in the field and role playing of allyship.

- How to build a just, representative, participatory Sustainability initiative that is not tokenistic or harmful (therefore unsustainable within Sustainability!).

- Sharing observations in the field and spotting racism within the field.

Interested in taking part? Contact me on solankiserayna@gmail.com.

Places to be confirmed by 1st May.